The Bengal Rowing Club


Established in 1929 The Bengal Rowing Club is one of the finest clubs in Eastern India.

The Bengal Rowing Club has surged ahead as one of the premier social hubs in the city, offering an unmatched atmosphere that embraces modernity as effortlessly as it holds on to its traditions. With state of the art sporting and fitness facilities, a diverse and delectable culinary repertoire, carefully crafted cultural and musical evenings, carnivals and fiestas, the Bengal Rowing Club has set remarkable standards ensuring that its illustrious legacy only grows richer with every passing year.

Over the years, many steps were undertaken to transform your club into a sports club with state of art infrastructure and training facilities.

Today, BRC is as much home to a toddler, as it is to a teenager or a septuagenarian. Not only is it well regarded for its sporting, culinary and social traditions, it also continues to add feathers to its already well plumed cap as it in inching towards the 100 year mark!

This year club decided to renovate the swimming pool zone and give members better experience of swimming & fine dinning thats where we come in picture as Lighting Consultants to create and make people experience the ambiance.

At this moment we cannot disclose more but we advise you to keep your heads up as something unique is coming soon.