Who Are We?

Our Journey: A Triumph Overcoming Cancer and Igniting Passion (2009-2016)

In 2009, Light & Beyond was founded by Tejas and Yogeshvari, following a deeply personal triumph - the triumphant battle against cancer. This extraordinary journey not only ignited an enduring passion for lighting design but also marked the genesis of our company.

Spiritual Approach and Dedication to Well-Being (2009-2016)

Guided by a spiritual approach and an unwavering commitment to enhancing well-being, Light & Beyond embarked on an uncharted path. In its formative years, our focus was on understanding the market, unraveling mindsets, and exploring cutting-edge lighting installation techniques within India. Our primary mission was to amplify awareness about the profound impact of thoughtful lighting design – an awareness that light extends far beyond mere functionality, actively shaping emotions and experiences.

Becoming a Certified Lighting Designer (CLD) and Global Recognition (2016)

In 2016, we expanded our horizons by establishing a studio in Vienna, Austria. Our journey culminated in the remarkable achievement of Tejas Doshi becoming India’s 1st and only Certified Lighting Designer (CLD), Asia’s 2nd, and the world’s 17th CLD in 2016, along with winning the IES Award. This achievement not only solidified our position as a beacon of transformative illumination but also earned us the prestigious iES Award.

Transition and International Acclaim (2016-2022)

As time unfolded, our unwavering efforts yielded remarkable results. In 2018, we continued to expand our global presence by opening a studio in Kiev. We seamlessly transitioned from selling lighting fixtures and automation to pioneering the creation of lighting experiences in harmony with nature and well-being. Our enlightening workshops resonated with a diverse audience, and our work earned international acclaim.

Notable Achievements and Transformative Milestones (2018-2022)

Tejas Doshi’s notable achievements, such as being named among the world’s top 40 under 40 lighting designers by Lighting Magazine , UK and becoming the first Indian lighting designer to judge the esteemed Darc Awards, marked transformative milestones.

Evolution into Light and Beyond LLP and New Leadership (October 2022)

In 2022, we expanded our global footprint once again, starting a studio in Lisbon. This pivotal transition not only reshaped our company structure but also introduced new leadership. Tejas Doshi, with a vision deeply aligned with our core values and an experience of over 20 years, assumed the role of founder, further fortifying our commitment to growth and excellence.

Mentoring Upcoming Lighting Designers (September 2023)

In September 2023, Tejas Doshi added another remarkable achievement to his journey. He was selected as a mentor for the Silhouette Awards, a testament to his dedication to sharing his knowledge and experiences with the next generation of lighting designers.

Today, Light and Beyond LLP, co-founded by Tejas Doshi, stands steadfast in our mission to illuminate lives, push boundaries, and touch the very essence of all life on Earth through the transformative power of light. Our journey serves as a testament to the idea that challenges kindle brilliance, and that light, when channeled with purpose and passion, transcends the physical realm. With a combined experience of 70 years, we continue to redefine the essence of light.

Why hire a lighting designer?

Light stands as a fundamental element in every project, serving as the defining factor for a space, whether through natural or artificial means. Its absence leaves volume, materiality, and form unexpressed. Lighting designers dedicate significant time contemplating the vital role light plays in our architectural experience. While various stakeholders acknowledge the impact of light on a project, lighting designers offer a distinct service compared to engineers, architects, or interior designers.

They understand the principles of:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Energy efficiency
  • Installation
  • Architectural narrative
  • Space perception
  • Emotion
  • Physiological impacts of lighting User needs

Light as an art form

Embracing light as an art form has been a practice spanning centuries, with societies harnessing its wonder. Integral to our world for enabling our primary sense of sight, light possesses transformative power when wielded artistically. The use of light to convey messages or meaning adds a uniquely dazzling dimension to spaces, enhancing our overall environmental experience.

Smart Illumination: Grasping the Science of Human Perception

Mastering clever lighting involves delving into the science of human perception. As the gatekeepers of visual experiences, our eyes and brains navigate the visual landscape, shaping our overall perception. Lighting designers, in their subtle way, contribute to defining how humans interpret the world—an undertaking not without its pressures. Light goes beyond a mere visual encounter; it engages our emotions and physiology, as memories of past lighting interactions trigger responses in our sensory system.

The rapid evolution of our understanding of light's impact on health, wellbeing, ecology, and the experiential aspect is fueled by technological advancements propelling changes in the industry. When the synergy between the art and science of light is harnessed, it becomes a key element in ensuring the success of diverse projects, be it a building, outdoor public realm, sculpture, or audiovisual experience.

Creative Lighting Design

In the realm of Creative Lighting Design, our team strikes the perfect fusion of art and science. Acknowledging the emotional and scientific impact of light on humans, we meticulously consider its effects on well-being. Our approach involves crafting spaces tailored to human needs, whether for aesthetic, emotional, or physiological reasons.

As Lighting Designers, we sculpt with light, safeguarding a vision that encompasses atmosphere, texture, and narrative. Our commitment lies in preserving the architectural expression's integrity while adding value to projects through the enhancement of human experience and architectural form. We adeptly design visual hierarchies through light, applying our expertise across diverse sectors—from hospitals and hotels to airports and laboratories. Each project is met with a fresh and innovative perspective.

Efficient Lighting: Balancing Cost and Energy

Acknowledging project constraints and budget limitations, we believe that good design need not be extravagant. Our team thrives in creating visually striking spaces across a spectrum of budgets.

Recognizing the energy and environmental footprint of lighting designs is crucial. Lighting, a substantial energy consumer, can exert detrimental effects on ecology and environments. Guided by our commitment to environmentally conscious design, all our projects align with this ethos.

Comprehensive Lighting Services – Meeting Client Expectations

As a client, you seek a lighting designer who:

  • Nurtures a close collaborative relationship with other specialists.
  • Possesses ongoing insights into the broader building process.
  • Draws inspiration from both formal and experimental collaborations outside the industry.
  • Demonstrates a passion for innovation and challenging norms, fostering a culture of collaboration.
  • Boasts a proven track record in delivering successful designs through cooperation with clients, architects, designers, and various engineering disciplines.

Operating within a multi-disciplinary framework and collaborating with diverse specialisms provides us with empathetic insights, fuels innovation, and transforms us into more adept and collaborative designers. Our involvement spans all design stages, from planning and concept development to the construction phases.

The Evolving Landscape of Lighting Design

Paradoxically, the field of lighting design is continually evolving. Emerging trends such as circadian lighting, LIFI, the Internet of Things, intuitive controls, experiential design, and a focus on health and wellbeing are shaping the future of lighting design. It's crucial to strike a balance, ensuring that technology enhances rather than overshadows the human aspects of building design. Understanding these developments is key to navigating this transformative period, as we actively shape the future instead of merely waiting for it.

Navigating the Lighting Design Process

As architects initiate their work, our process begins with a thorough assessment and exploration of options. We contemplate how people will use a space, envisioning their movement and interaction, while optimizing the utilization of natural light. Visual concepts and mood boards kickstart discussions, delving into user journeys, atmosphere, and practical requirements. From hand sketches and cardboard models to advanced tools like Photoshop and CGI, our visual communication spans various mediums, even incorporating sample lights on-site.

We are dedicated to exploring all possibilities to find the ideal solution. Our creative process is enriched by the team's practical knowledge, leading to final designs that meticulously specify technical details. Experienced project leaders oversee the construction process, ensuring our vision transforms into reality.


Our methodology has transformed to integrate the interplay of natural and artificial light, enhancing the built environment for improved well-being and a distinctive sense of place. We leverage diverse technologies to optimize possibilities while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact.


Our work philosophy centers on the belief that excellent design emerges from meticulous craftsmanship. To bring imaginative, innovative, and ambitious ideas to life, we emphasize hard work, attention to detail, and disciplined delivery. Our distinctive design process, grounded in technical expertise and a pragmatic approach, ensures successful outcomes through creative solutions.


We commence by crafting the lighting brief in collaboration with the client and design team. Exploring the unique project qualities and the potential roles of light and darkness, creative solutions emerge. We adopt a holistic approach, providing a contextual response through the development of a strategic plan.


Our ideas evolve by considering the end-user experience comprehensively, within practical considerations of cost, buildability, maintenance, and energy use. Quality is a paramount consideration, contemplating the impact of light, shadow, color, texture, movement, and change in relation to form, space, and materiality.


Our conceptual ideas transform into precise technical solutions, encompassing initial recommendations for lighting and control equipment. Ongoing dialogue with the project's design, construction, and maintenance teams ensures seamless integration of technology into the overall project. Utilizing tests and mock-ups, we delve into possibilities, contributing valuable insights to the design and construction process.


We generate comprehensive packages comprising drawings, specifications, and details to facilitate the coordination of lighting and control systems with architecture or landscape design, seamlessly becoming part of the construction documentation. Meticulous attention to detail persists throughout the technical design and production phase, employing either traditional 2D design or full 3D BIM.


Offering on-site and remote support, we guide the construction process, swiftly addressing any queries that may arise. The realization of the concept is consistently prioritized as we actively assess and evaluate the lighting scheme during installation.


As the project concludes, we conduct a comprehensive review of the entire installation. Our involvement extends to assisting with commissioning, programming, and focusing of the lighting systems. Providing ongoing help and guidance, we support maintenance and management teams in adopting the finalized scheme.

Our Goals
Enriching Human Experience:

Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of human experience through transformative lighting design. We aspire to create spaces that evoke emotions, stimulate creativity, and promote well- being, fostering a deeper connection between individuals and their surroundings.

Global Sustainability:

We are committed to incorporating sustainability in every aspect of our work. Our goal is to champion eco-friendly lighting solutions that minimize environmental impact, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Innovation & Exploration:

We are committed to incorporating sustainability in every aspect of our work. Our goal is to champion eco-friendly lighting solutions that minimize environmental impact, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Education Advocacy:

Light & Beyond aims to be a beacon of knowledge in the field of lighting design. Our goal is to actively promote awareness and education about the transformative power of light. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborations, we seek to empower individuals, designers, and communities with insights that elevate their understanding of lighting.

Three Important Values

"Illuminating Lives, Nurturing Nature, and Redefining Light: The Core Values of Light & Beyond"


"Charting Our Journey: A T imeline of Milestones and Achievements"


Our team is a closely-knit family in itself. We believe that simplicity with a hint of dedication, is the key to achieving success. Aiming at illuminating the lives of our clients, we make you feel as close to nature as possible through the space around you.

Tejas Doshi

(Co-Founder & Chief Designer)

With more than a decade of professional experience in lighting design, Tejas is India’s 1st , Asia’s 2nd & World no. 17th Certified Lighting Designer ( CLD ) & Professional Member of IALD. He is the hardworking one. A tech-savy photographer, he literally excels in everything that he does. Somehow, he knows how to find the right solution to every problem – coming to our rescue, always.

Elena Chichuk

(Design associate)

A creative designer with a desire to develop innovative ideas and client’s vision of the project into genuine creations, Elena comes with an experience of more than six years in architecture and design.

Kateryna Rozit

(Design Associate)

An ambitious architect, willing to create and implement absolutely new ideas. Kateryna has a strong experience in commercial real estate and photography.

Sahil Mehta

(Graphic Designer)

Addicted to graphics and designing, this tech-savy guy creates visuals that are beyond our imagination. Being an amateur, Sahil grabs every opportunity to learn more.