About Us


Light & Beyond, an international award winning exclusive Lighting Design Studio is created to serve the needs of the Architects and Interior Designers. Our work covers a myriad of projects in India, UAE, Austria and the US. We’ve deployed unique lighting and sound experiences at various Museums, Show Apartments, Amusement Parks, Restaurants, Boutique Hotels, Branded Retail Stores and Ultra Lounges.

Additionally, we’ve curated exciting atmospheres at Super high-end residences for an enviable clientele that includes the Mittals, Bangurs, Agarwals, and the Mallyas, to name a few. We crossed a milestone by adding light to the businesses of NCB Jewellers, Selvel House, Cinnamon Restaurant, and to the projects of Phoenix Mills & Palladium Constructions, Kessaku, MGM Group, Primarc Group’s Astitva Fort Group, Surana Group, Elite Group of Hotels. Victoria Memorial happens to be amongst the very first of our clients, and we are very proud to showcase our lighting design work there.

The principal belief at Light & Beyond is that a good lighting design should illuminate a space simply by enhancing it, and not by dominating the architecture. Our team work with architects and interior design teams, right from the scratch including designing and execution, ensuring that lighting and sound compliment the spaces


We follow RIBA plan of work to manage & guide creativity in the right direction.

Preparation & Brief

This essential first meeting with the client is to gain more understanding of the project including their budget & also to explore the basic concept about the project.

Concept Design

This is where we collaboratively come up with conceptual lighting ideas.

Developed Design

We collaborate with client & his design team to start convert concept into reality & check the budget & brief.

Technical Design

Where all the conceptual ideas turn into design details. Mock up and tests are done at site to improve maintainance , integration and application of light with construction process.


Completing all the drawings and start coordinating with clients design team.Helping with project management & overseeing the contractor.

Handover and close out

We review final lighting installations and check overall execution of the contractors .


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