Private Residence No. 151


The Kajaria Residence is a high end Private Residence of 6500 sq ft, in Kolkata. The Powder Room, being the most attractive part of the place, has a brass metal shield which is back lit with a customised fixture designed by us. It enhances the powder room aesthetically.

Our approach was to create a welcoming and stylish home for the Kajaria family. Since the clients wanted each of their rooms to have a different look, this was achieved through different styles of lighting. Most of the art throughout the house has been specially commissioned to enhance the project. The challenging part was to light up the dinning table and we came up with concept of using two oval beams on both sides of the table. 2 Watt 6 Degree Erco Fixture was used to pick up center portion of it since there was a requirement of a ceiling fan. Two 6 Watt Oval Beam Erco Fixtures were used to pick up rest of the dinning table.

For Power, the interior designer wanted the back panel of brass plates to look glossy on both sides and wanted a glow from behind the plates using led strips.

Wanting to make it easily serviceable, and at the same time avoiding diodes being visible from mirrors and the panel, we sketched customised led fixtures. We created a 3D customised printed fixture and programmed it with a motion sensor.