Navratri, a festival screaming in abundance of lights and joy is celebrated all over India in a span of nine days to worship Goddess Durga.
It’s in West Bengal, that the festival has a charm of its own.

On the tenth day of the onset of the festivity, Durga’s victory over the evil is celebrated; a win of positivity over negativity.
Being a Calcuttian, I love how the city comes alive as though dressed up like a bride. Vibrant lightings and beautiful decorations are found all over the city. The sea of people fleet across the streets celebrating the festivity in their own ways. Intricate pandals are made, where artists get to showcase their creativity skills. Different colored decors and lights are used that help make the city look alive. Being a lover of Pandal hopping, the best part is when we get to experience the amazing lighting that actually make the pandal look unreal. There are small fairy lights, to big figure shaping lights. Rolling down the avenue, we see dragon shaped lights complimenting the wild theme of the pandal, also throwing fire in small intervals or water themed pandals with lights that look like rain drops. There are pandals with infinite diyas that are lit up with small fairy lights to pandals that are complete with complimenting music like the one the tribal theme.

It’s a field trip for the photographers too as they get to showcase their talents. The world not only gets to see a flash of the beautifully built pandals but also an insight into the different perspectives of the eyes behind the cameras.
Creativity is thus stretched to light and beyond.

This article was posted on October 31st, 2016 by Dhvani Kankaria


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