Core Team

Our team is a closely-knit family in itself. We believe that simplicity with a hint of dedication, is the key to achieving success. Aiming at illuminating the lives of our clients, we make you feel as close to nature as possible through the space around you.

Yogeshvari Doshi (Co-Founder & CEO)


Yogeshvari, the power house of Light & Beyond, is optimistic and headstrong. Being the voice of reason, she won’t take no for an answer. Not only does she keep us all in check, but also ensures that everything we do meets certain standards. Turning the impossible to possible, happens to be one of the many talents that she possesses.

Tejas Doshi (Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer)


With more than a decade of professional experience in lighting design, Tejas is India’s 1st , Asia’s 2nd & World no. 17th Certified Lighting Designer ( CLD ) & Professional Member of IALD. He is the hardworking one. A tech-savy photographer, he literally excels in everything that he does. Somehow, he knows how to find the right solution to every problem – coming to our rescue, always.

Elena Chichuk (Design associate)


A creative designer with a desire to develop innovative ideas and client’s vision of the project into genuine creations, Elena comes with an experience of more than six years in architecture and design.

Kateryna Rozit (Design Associate)


An ambitious architect, willing to create and implement absolutely new ideas. Kateryna has a strong experience in commercial real estate and photography.

Surajit Guha (Senior Designer)


Surajit, the asset of our team, is the one who’s always guiding. With each new project, he ensures that he pushes his levels up, creating amazing lighting solutions.

Sahil Mehta (Graphic Designer)

Addicted to graphics and designing, this tech-savy guy creates visuals that are beyond our imagination. Being an amateur, Sahil grabs every opportunity to learn more.

Dhvani Kankaria ( / Content Writer)


The Photographer of the team…. New at the job, youngest of the team and a learner first.

Natasha Doshi (Content Writer)


Inquisitive and energetic, Natasha is the content writer for the team. She’s constantly on the move, looking for the next big thing.


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