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Light & Beyond goes by the belief that ‘good lighting design should illuminate a space simply by enhancing it, and not dominating the architecture’. With offices in India, Europe and the US, the practice works at a global scale to create unique light and sound experiences across a range of project typologies. Co-founder and Chief Design Officer, Tejas Doshi was recently accredited as India’s first and Asia’s second Certified Lighting Designer (CLD).

Kessaku Experience Centre, Bangalore

The ultra luxurious Experience Centre and Show Apartment conceptualised by Wrap Studio demanded a seamless integration of its lighting into the design intent. Having been given a predetermined lighting scheme, the test lay in emulating it with an exacting precision while working with a palette of products that was available in the Indian market.

While the lighting followed a set path, various scenes were created to cater to changing conditions. The ‘Welcome’ scene maintains controlled ambient levels working with a series of Laser Blade wall washers and specific downlights recessed in the ceiling. The ‘AV’ scene enables the comfortable viewing of videos, wherein a gentle focus is generated on the models, lit with narrow beam downlights while the bench is underlit. The ‘A‘Rest’ll on’ scene allows for all the fixtures to be switched on for easy viewing and maintenance purposes. These scenes were carefully animated addressing accurate CRI and CCT values, and controlled using Crestron systems.

Kajaria Residence, Kolkata

The 6,500 sq. ft. private residence designed by ADnD was rendered in a dark colour palette, which posed as quite a challenge to illuminate in the 30 day period before its launch. (This highlighted line is to be included in Kessaku project, not in Kajaria Project) As desired by the client, each room was treated in a distinct manner, carefully highlighting focal areas through pools of light and adding to the cozy ambience by incorporating meticulously selected decorative fixtures. Special features such as a large surface covered in brass plates within the powder room was specially illuminated using a bespoke system. Backlighting the panels with customised LED luminaires allowed for the metallic plates to shine in absolute brilliance, without direct view of the diodes, as well as easy serviceability. They were programmed with motion sensors for unrestrained and convenient use, also facilitating efficiency.

Commended with the IES Awards of Merit, 2016, the residence sees innovation in lighting systems to create a welcoming yet stylish home.

Mehta Residence, Kolkata

The main focus in this project was the lighting scheme for the verdant landscape of the contemporary home. With intent to create an intimate yet welcoming ambience, the light is concentrated on the lower levels of greenery using 7W projectors. The sprawling Champa tree is uplit to accentuate its presence and generate verticality at one end of the garden, while the pergola structure on the other side is fitted with customized 4-inch magnetic fixtures in 4W that highlight the suspended planters, and cast tarns of gentle light on the passageway.

The water body is fitted with underwater LED luminaires that makes the pool glow from within, creating an ethereal ambience.

A 12V DC supply with drivers placed in the basement is used throughout this area to provide for a safe environment for the children, as well as easy maintenance of the fully dimmable lighting system.

Agarwal Residence, Kolkata

The residence, designed with a distinct architectural and visual aesthetic demanded a careful consideration of the lighting scheme. While the general ambient illumination is achieved through Regent channels, areas of interest are highlighted using focused light. The intensive collection of artworks is accentuated with downlights, as is the wall that is dedicated to medals from the World War. The dining area, taking centre stage is celebrated with the Flos Sky Garden pendant that delicately hovers above the deep wooden table. Other decorative elements are peppered across the space drawing the eye to detailed corners, while the passageway is washed in a uniform glow emanated from recessed luminaires that run along the ceiling edge.

The lighting is fully controlled through a Crestron system integrated in an iPad, while Lutron has been used to create varying scene settings.


Principals: Tejas Doshi (Founder and Chief Design Officer), Yogeshvari Doshi (Co-Founder and CEO), Kateryna Rozit (Design Associate), Elena Chichuk (Design Associate)

Studios: Kolkata, India; Vienna, Austria; Kiev, Ukraine; Richmond, USA

Established: 2009

Employees: 16

Current Projects: Novotel, Kolkata; residences and offices, Gujarat; projects for the Government of India; restaurants, bars, villas, Austria; boutique hotels, residences, amusement park, Middle East

This article was posted on July 27th, 2016 by Mrinalini Ghadiok


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